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What is the mobile app market in term of downloads and revenue?

App market soars with 13.4 billion downloads in Q1 2013 (Apple’s App Store, Google Play, the Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry World).

11% increase in app downloads over all of 2012 combined. This means a total revenue of $2.2 billion ($0.16 per download).

Apple’s App Store accounted for the largest indexed proportion of revenue between the four stores, at around 74%, while the Google Play store saw the greatest number of downloads, accounting for about 51% of the stores’ collective total, with Apple close behind.

According to the numbers it should be easier to make revenue on iTunes than Google Play. It also depends on your target and their phone usage.
Example with my game, Geogames World Series – iTunes Store:
$15,033 sales
$0.18 per download

Top 25 developers make half of all U.S. mobile app revenue including Rovio, Zynga, Electronic Arts, and Disney.

What is the perfect recipe to create and sell successfully an application on the iTunes store?

Having a good idea is great as having an idea that will be easy to develop.

Before starting your app development, make a Google keywords analysis based on your idea to find a popular name for your app and assess thru the competition what is the minimum feature set to provide for version one

Use a marketing budget to write your app description, communicate to press specialists, and initiate reviews by users as soon as the app is published.

Trade marking your app name is highly recommended.

Choose a business model for your app between free app with ads, in-app purchase, and paid app. In app purchase requires more programming.

Propose something different from the crowd (it can be something already existing in the market but you add a value in term of usability / design / functionality).

Find the best people in the community to work with (developers, app marketers, graphic designers, translators).

Understand very well the specificity of your store like iTunes or Google Play (1 to 2 weeks to publish on iTunes, less than 1 day on Google Play – Discount for education in iTunes store).

Localize as much as possible (GeogameÔ World Series translated in 9 languages).

Use iterative project management techniques to manage your software development (Scrum, Extreme Programing XP…).

Use minimal design to fit within your iteration time frame (2 to 4 weeks recommended).

Each iteration should deliver a shippable peace of working software that you can publish as a new version.

Use an online project management tool like Pivotal Tracker to communicate every day with your developers and remove impediments on the go.

What is the minimum investment?

The following example is based on Geogame™ World Series

Video launch 1500 (optional)

App Marketing 2000

Programing by a good developer 10 days x 500 = 5000 by iteration

Graphic design 1500

Translation from 200 per language (optional)

Total minimum cost: 8.5k

How can we assess a very high quality of software source code?

OOP: Everywhere appropriate, favor instance object over instance variable.

DRY: Don’t Repeat Yourself!

Comments: Every function should have a brief explanation. Special routines, important helpers, and workarounds should be explained.

Shorthand: Code will be written in shorthand employing shorthand notation where possible.

Use naming convention shared by the community for clarity of code.

Use design patterns (MVC…) to insure decoupling, reusing and other software virtues.

Use third party source code promoted by the developers’ community.


Cheques Manager - Write Numbers To Words For You!

yQuotes version 1.0
yQuotes version 1.0

yQuotes version 1.0

yQuotes version 1.0

yQuotes version 1.0

iTunes App Store

Cheques Manager helps you managing your cheques and writing numbers from a numeric to a word representation. Very useful for writing or double checking your precious cheques faster and more reliable.

⊙ Also with Cheques Manager you will be able to write real cheques by batch:

① Entry all information needed (current date, amount with numbers, and an optional description) in the same screen without scrolling.

② When you decide, you can write all your real cheques from the batch saved previously.

③ When you are done writing a real cheque, update the completed entry to rid it of from the list or to mark it completed (depends on your settings option).

⊙ It requires no internet connection to use it.

⊙ Cheques Manager writes for you in English, French, and Spanish.

⊙ Cheques Manager writes numbers up to 15 positions (999 trillions).

⊙ You can choose your currency in Dollar, Pound Sterling or Euro.

With Cheques Manager, no more wasted real cheque paper, and you process your tasks faster (up to 4 times) by batch!


Universal Currency Converter UCC

yQuotes version 1.0
yQuotes version 1.0

yQuotes version 1.0

yQuotes version 1.0

yQuotes version 1.0

iTunes App Store

Shoppapp presents UCC, an Universal Currency Converter for 154 currencies in 245 territories. Exchange rates are updated every day on Yahoo! Finance. You can browse and search your favorite currencies by country within a map, and visualize coins and banknotes pictures from Wikipedia.

Features highlights:

☆ Add your preferred currencies and countries in the Favorites tab for a fast recall.

☆ Currency converter with a 5 days trend graph, a pocket guide and an every day up-to-date exchange rate.

☆ Currency map search by country with a full screen landscape mode.

☆ 154 currencies in 245 territories are available.

☆ You can visualize currency pictures, photos, history and more from Wikipedia in english, french, spanish, and german.

☆ Many parameters are available in the Settings tab including the map flags opacity or the ability to choose your starting screen.

If you need to travel, or your are a currency collector or a currency trader, or simply you want to learn more about currencies: This Application is for You...


Geogame World Series

yQuotes version 1.0

Geogame World Series

Geogame World Series

Geogame World Series

Geogame World Series

Geogame World Series

Geogame World Series

Geogame World Series

Geogame World Series

Geogame World Series

Geogame World Series


iTunes App Store

Geogame® World Series is the ultimate iPhone geography game, putting the world in the palm of your hand.

★ Featured by Apple in "What's Hot" ★

★ "Geogame World Series is a fun way to brush up on some select geography trivia. The app makes learning a blast, and the potential for classroom use with the app is a definite boon. The information offered is brilliant, and with the optional learning mode available Geogame World Series is truly a geography powerhouse." - ★★★★ -

★ "It includes all the features you need to improve your knowledge and mastering such worldly trivia feels pretty damn good." -

★ "With Geogame you can learn and test your knowledge whenever and wherever. Download the free version and try it for yourself." -

★ "Geogame World Series is the definitive world trivia game." -

★ "When done right, combining fun and education is a great idea, and that is exactly what the developers of Geogame did." - ★★★★ -

If you're looking for an iPhone geography application that's both fun and educational, look no further. Geogame® World Series mixes straight-forward gameplay with challenging trivia making it easy to pick up yet difficult to master.

In fact, our memories retain knowledge much faster when we make learning fun, and Geogame® strikes the perfect balance between education and entertainment:

⊙ Race against the clock to test your knowledge while pick up new facts in Geogame's fast and frantic challenges.

⊙ Expand your world knowledge across 7 categories of trivia: territories, currencies, capital cities, flags, populations, areas, population densities.

⊙ Discover 3 new categories of trivia with ranking capability: populations, areas and population densities.

⊙ Strategically customize settings as your expertise increases to improve your time and score.

⊙ Think you're an authority on the subject? Take the "World Zone" challenge spanning 248 territories and prove it!

⊙ Switch from "Gaming" to "Learning" mode to browse and search with interactive maps and discover the exact answers you need.

⊙ Wikipedia integration makes it a breeze to find more info, which is then saved for offline reading.

⊙ Bookmark your favorite location or address and get "crow-fly" distance from any capital city within your Zone.

⊙ Tweet or post on Facebook your best scores.

⊙ Teachers love Geogame® and are eligible for an educational institute discount via iTunes.

Everything you'd expect from an educational iphone geography app is here, but Geogame's gaming dynamic make this a much more fun way to learn. We'd love to hear how Geogame® has helped improve your world knowledge, so please share your positive comments.

Don't accept substitutes; choose Geogame® World Series, the definitive iPhone geography game.